Thick, Yellow / Rose Gold or Rhodium plating from just £35.00

Not all Gold Plating is equal, some jewellers use FLASH gold plating to plate your jewellery, this puts an amazingly thin layer, less than 0.25 microns thick on your jewellery, just enough to cover the metal and not enough to give a lasting finish.

I use the best quality plating that give around 3 microns of thick gold plate, 12 times thicker than cheap plating solutions and much longer lasting.

I can restore your tarnished looking gold jewellery to its original brilliant shine by renewing the plating to its original standard in Yellow, Rose or White

Rhodium is a very white and very hard metal that is used to electro-plate white gold, white gold has a naturally yellow tint and looks a little unfinished without its rhodium plating.

I can Rhodium plate all white gold jewellery, in-fact I can Rhodium or Gold plate any yellow gold item too, the only downside is that all Rhodium wears off eventually so if you decide to turn your yellow gold ring white, you should expect to re Rhodium it every year or two when the yellow starts to show through again. Items that suffer less wear than rings, like pendants last considerably longer when plated.

All items for plating are carefully cleaned and polished before undergoing the plating process to guarantee a mirror like finish.

The price will depend on the area to be plated so please send me a photo and I will give you an estimate,


Plating Q&A

Do you use genuine Rhodium plating? Yes, Always. You should always ask your jeweller this question as due to the massive increase in price of Rhodium (over £1k per litre) some jewellers have switched over to Platinum or Platinum/Rhodium solutions which are many times cheaper than pure Rhodium and do not have the durability that pure Rhodium is renowned for.

Will Rhodium / Gold plating hide dents and scratches? No, but all jewellery is cleaned, polished and lightly sanded to remove minor scratches, this will ensure the new plating looks bright clean and shiny. Rhodium or gold plating will not cover damage or deep scratches or dents but they can be removed by laser if necessary but this is an extra service and costs from £25 but is not necessary unless the scratches are very deep.

Can silver jewellery be Rhodium / Gold plated? Yes it can but it must be palladium plated first, palladium acts as a barrier to stop copper migrating from the silver into the Rhodium and tarnishing it. The cost of this additional step varies depending on size and complexity but on small simple items it adds about £10 to the cost.

Can costume jewellery be Rhodium / Gold plated? Yes, but it depends on the gemstones present as some stones will be damaged by the plating acids and some metals can be damaged by acid. If it can be plated it must be barrier plated first, the cost for this varies so I would need to see a clear photo with some size context like a ruler/coin to give me an idea of the dimensions. Also costume jewellery is often cast in brass in very complex designs which take a lot of preparation and therefore cost more to plate.

Can gem-set jewellery be plated? Most plating acids are quite weak and don’t damage genuine non organic gemstones, but some gemstones are sensitive to the acids used in the plating process such as organic stones like Pearl, Opal, Coral and Turquoise, these stones usually need removing from the jewellery if possible, this can take a lot of time and add considerable cost. Some stones such as emeralds and sapphires can be fracture filled or treated and this can be damaged by acids. Gemstones are checked under a microscope for potential problems before plating.

How much does it cost to plate a ring? It depends on the size and complexity but most small rings such as simple solitaire engagement rings and wedding bands 4mm wide and under are about £35. More complex designs cost a more. Complex rings can require a lot of preparation, please message for a quote.

Can you plate a large bangle or bracelet? Yes but it may be very expensive. Rhodium plate is currently £1000 plus per litre and only goes so far, putting a thick coat of rhodium or gold on something with a large surface area will be expensive. Chains & bracelets need a lot of preparation before plating so will be expensive to plate in gold or rhodium.

How long does Rhodium / Gold plating last? It depends on what is plated and how you wear it. Most engagement rings worn daily last at least two years before needing re-plating. Items that only ever make contact with the skin like necklaces usually last many years.


Return Post is from £7.95 (£750 compensation) for RM Special Delivery depending on value, size & weight.

All repairs are guaranteed for 12 Months.