I can repair most rings made of Gold, Silver or Platinum. If a ring needs to be soldered some stones may need to be removed, diamonds and sapphires are usually heat safe unless treated by glass filling or other modern methods of enhancement, but most others can be damaged by heat. Laser welding is often utilised to keep the stones safe.

Ring claw re-tipping and replacement is a very common repair, sometimes rings are so worn that the shank itself is worn out, I can expertly make a new shank and complete a seamless repair even when the ring is set with delicate stones.

I have thousands of stones in my inventory but missing stones have to be carefully matched and sometimes if I don’t have one in stock it can take several weeks to locate and source a suitable replacement, I will confirm this with you before you commit to a repair.

Below are a few questions and answers about ring repairs that I often carry out and example prices. I use traditional goldsmithing techniques and I have invested in a professional laser welder to achieve the highest quality results on the most delicate jewellery.

Ring Resizing

Questions & Answers.

Can you replace my missing stone?

Most missing stones can be replaced from £35, I carry thousands of stones but sometimes they have to be ordered which can take a while. Diamonds are usually the easiest to replace as they are easily available in all sizes.

How are broken or worn claws repaired?

Claws can be re-tipped or rebuilt, if a claw is worn down but it is still covering the stone it may be possible to improve and strengthen it by melting solder over the tip. This will make the claw thicker and add life to it but it won’t be as durable as the original claw because it is being resurfaced with solder which is softer than gold and will wear more quickly.

How much does it cost to re-tip a ring.

That depends very much on the design of the jewellery but a 9ct gold diamond ring with four claws that are just worn can be re-tipped from £35

What is meant by rebuilding a claw?

If the claw has broken off or is too worn for re-tipping it will need to be filed or cut down to its base and the space prepared so a new claw can be mounted and either soldered or laser welded in place. A new seat then has to be cut for the stone to sit in and it can be shaped and polished.

How much does it cost to rebuild a broken claw?

Rebuilding a single broken claw in 9ct gold starts at £25 but this does not include removing and resetting the stone which may be necessary.

Can claws be re-tipped on all types of gemstone?

No, re-tipping is only done on Diamond, Moissanite, Sapphire & Ruby which have not been fracture filled or treated with polymers etc. Nearly every other stone will be damaged or destroyed by the heat of soldering.

Can claws be re-tipped on silver jewellery.

It’s rare to see real diamond set in silver jewellery, often the stones are very delicate and

not suitable for re-tipping, but if the stone is durable enough it may be possible to re-tip the claws.

Can claws be laser tipped if not suitable for solder re-tipping.

It may be possible to laser tip a claw but it depends on the design of the jewellery. Usually it is safer to remove the stone and repair the claw and once removed it may be better to replace the claw completely.

Can you replace a worn ring shank?

Usually the answer is yes. Ring shanks can usually be removed and melted down with more gold to make a new bigger shank and this can be soldered back to the ring or if the stones are delicate it can be laser welded. This can be done as a half shank where the bottom half is replaced or three quarters or even the full shank. The joint is usually invisible or at least difficult to see and it will give the ring decades more life.

How much does a new ring shank cost?

The price to re-shank a ring varies according to the design and the amount of gold needed but a small half shank can cost as little as £85 and full shanks start from £150 in 9ct gold.

What does a clean & polish cost?

It depends on the ring but it starts from £20 for a simple wedding band, it will be cleaned and lightly sanded to remove the fine scratches and burnished before being polished and steam cleaned.


Return Post is from £7.95 (£750 compensation) for RM Special Delivery depending on value, size & weight.

All repairs are guaranteed for 12 Months.


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