Most earrings made of Gold & Platinum are repairable. Silver earrings are often not economical to repair as the repair cost can outweigh the replacement.

Even delicate earrings can be repaired by laser welding. If you lose an earring another can be handmade to match, although I only recommend this for extremely sentimental or expensive jewellery items as hand making even a simple earring takes many hours or even days and is very expensive compared to the cost of new jewellery pieces which are often machine made.

Here are just a few examples of the repairs I can carry out on gold & platinum earrings.

  • Replacement posts, hand made from white or yellow gold or platinum.
  • Hand made replacement butterfly clips
  • Stud earring repair
  • Diamond earring repair
  • Platinum earring repair
  • I can replace lost stones in earrings

I can reattach broken or missing posts to gold and platinum earrings, they can often be laser welded back into place. New posts can be handmade to match if needed.


Return Post is from £7.95 (£750 compensation) for RM Special Delivery depending on value, size & weight.

All repairs are guaranteed for 12 Months.


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The left earring was handmade to match the one on the right.