I can repair most types of chains down to about 0.5mm in size, everyday wear and tear can easily damage a delicate chain. Belcher, Box, Curb, Rope, Snake etc can all be repaired.

Most chain repairs are done in a few days.

Very delicate chains that are too thin to be easily soldered can usually be repaired by laser welding which starts at just £25.00 so just click on the get a quote page, fill in your details, add a photo of the damage and start your repair today.

I can also replace catches such as bolt rings which are found on many types of chain. I can replace a Bolt Ring from as little as £30.00 including return post.

Do you have a hopelessly tangled chain that just cannot be untangled, I can untangle almost any chain for as little as £15.00, including a free clean and polish and return signed postage.

Hollow chains can be time consuming to repair so they usually cost a little more, usually around £40, send me some photos and I will send you an estimate.

Save the hassle of travelling to and from the high street and send your chain to me for repair today.

Chain Repairs

Silver Cable Chains repaired from £25.00 for one simple solder

9ct Gold Cable Chains repaired from £30 including soldering in up to 2 places

9ct Gold Jump rings made to size and fitted from £20

9ct Gold 6mm Bolt rings fitted from £35.00

Simple chain designs are usually repaired and returned within 48 hours.

Send me some photos of your damaged chain and I will do my best to give you the best possible professional repair estimate. Prices vary depending on the type of chain, cable chains are very common and easy to repair, others may take longer. Hollow chains tend to break easily especially when they are a few years old. They are more difficult to repair seamlessly and repairs are usually slightly more expensive.

Return Post is from £7.95 (£750 compensation) for RM Special Delivery depending on value, size & weight.