Here are a few examples of my previous work,

If jewellery is repaired professionally it should be difficult to see the repaired area, not all jewellers work to such high standards but I strive to ensure your jewellery will look as perfect as possible when the job is done.

All repaired items are cleaned and polished.

New pieces of jewellery can be made to your requirements from new materials or by melting your old jewellery and reusing the gold and precious stones.

The above ring was handmade by melting a customers old pendant and reusing the gold and stones.

Necklace Repairs
Necklace Repairs
Necklace Repairs

The necklace above was sent in with a broken link, the pin that held it together snapped and tore the hollow link.

Ring Repairs
Ring Repairs
Ring Repair

The example ring above is a very common repair, it was broken at a previous solder joint and the shank had become so thin it needed to be partially replaced. This kind of repair costs from £40.00 for a simple laser weld. The price depends on how much gold is needed and how much of the shank needs replacing.

This ring above was missing a 1.4mm P1 diamond, a new diamond was set and all the claws were re-tipped. The gold was burnished to remove the scratches, it was then polished.

The ring above was a customers old 15ct gold ring and was melted down and a brand new 15ct ring made using the old diamonds and gold and a new topaz.

The above ring belonged to a customer who wanted to remake her grandmothers old ring into a slim band, using the original stones and metal.

In the above photo a customer wanted to melt down an existing 4 diamond ring and use her diamonds and gold to make a pair of identical pendants for presents.


I recently found Carl (The Jewellery Chap) just by searching for jewellery repairs and so glad I did. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with someone so helpful and knowledgeable and extremely fair and honest which is such rarity these days. I had two diamond ring repairs which we discussed at length via emails with several explanations and pictures to describe his suggestions before we agreed to proceed with the repairs. Boy did he have patience with me!
I’ve never sent my valuables to someone I’d never met or even spoken to before so had concerns BUT do not hesitate this guy is genuine and a complete expert and someone I’ll be using again and again in the future providing he’s happy to do my work.
I’ve just received my repairs back today very prompt service and they are truly stunning- fabulous repairs I can’t even see which diamonds were replaced even through my loupe!!

The watch bracelet above had a broken hinge, I had to make a new custom hinge to match in 9ct gold. This was several hours of work which cost £100

This lizard belly bar was sent to me for repair, it was a simple laser weld and replace a missing gemstone eye, simple repairs like this cost from £35